How to Permanently delete your account (Part 2)

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How to Permanently delete your account (Part 1)

11) Live Messenger Account
This link is different from the Live/Hotmail deletion link, so check what you're doing. By using this link, your compete account will be deleted. If you wish to only terminate the e-mail account, look for Hotmail / Live on this site.

Direct removal link:

Make sure you are logged in.

Now, go to and click "Deactivate your account"
Check the option "Permanently remove my account"
Confirm and you are gone!

For problems with the Zoosk Messenger or need other help, see

Deletion of their Messenger goes the same way as any other software you wish to delete. Start > Configuration > Programs/Software/Delete a program, or the like.

Direct removal link:

You have to send an email to and provide them with your username, date of birth and postal code and they'll apparently delete the account for you. That's not very user-friendly.

However, as one of our visitors pointed out, they're not too keen on responding. You might have to send them a few requests.

14) IMVU
How to delete your IMVU account
Use the direct link to delete your IMVU profile.
 Direct removal link:

How to delete your Badoo account Instructies beschikbaar in het Nederlands
First, log in at Badoo. Then, click the link named below or go to your account settings; click 'delete profile' on your left hand (or the equivalent, depending on your language settings). There you could choose between cleaning, freezing/deactivating or truly deleting your account. Not too bad, it seems.

Direct removal link:

16) Hotmail
Direct link to end your mail account. For closing your complete MSN/Live account, there is a different link.

Direct removal link:

17) Gmail
Immediate link for Gmail. Beware: there is a more general link for unsubscribing from all kinds of Google services. See also our 'Google' entry and

 Direct removal link:

18)  Odnoklassniki
1: Login to your Одноклассники profile. 2: On left side you see options. Choose: "Изменить настройки" ( The one with a wheel as icon". 3: Then choose: "Закрыть профиль [close profile']" 4: You will get a new small window with 2 options. Pick the left option. And you are done!

Direct removal link:

19) Dropbox
Use the given link and off you go!

Direct removal link:

20) Evernote
It's still a bit complicated, but it seems that you can now delete your account this way:

Log in to your Evernote account at Evernote Web

Click on "Settings" in the top right corner.
Click on "Personal settings" on the left-hand side.
Replace the current email with "closed_(youremailaddress)"
Click on "Update" below.

Note: You will be prompted to type your password again.

Once you have completed this step, return to your Notes list, select all notes and delete them, then select the Trash and Empty the Trash.

Then, please go to:

Not a true deletion, but let's make it a grey entry.

Direct removal link:

Hope this will help, if you have any account other than listed want to delete, kindly comment below.

See: How to secure your account from being hijacked

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